With our training and coaching, leaders inspire star qualities in themselves and their staff. Learn How

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Our approach is a thoughtfully designed, research-based model that is tailored to bring out a leader’s best self – an individual who leads with authenticity, confidence and emotional intelligence. With our training and coaching, leaders inspire star qualities in themselves and their staff.

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Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coaching Program

Gone are the days when graduates used to seek a career in conventional professions. Today’s professionals are more into experimenting with their roles and coming out of their comfort zones to pave their way to success. They also realize that leadership is not just about intellect. It’s also about how they use their emotions. The current organizational structure demands professionals with excellent leadership skills and emotion skills to lead their teams and ensure the best outcomes. Whether you are in education, healthcare, non -for-profit management or corporate management, authentic leaders benefit from coaching support.


At Star Factor Coaching, we support your leadership dreams with various training programs. We help organizations upskill their teams with the best emotional intelligence and leadership skills to enhance their performance. With a coaching certification, you can seek a professional coach’s role with a leading organization, become an internal coach in your current organization or use your new knowledge and skills to become a coaching leader in your present leadership role.

Looking for Coaching Certification in New York or Elsewhere?

If yes, look no further! To start a career as a professional coach, you need in-depth training and certification to make a way through the cutthroat competition. It takes lots of dedication and hard work. While it bears fruits in the long run, the initial months may be time heavy. Learning new skills involves a lot of self-reflection, as you internalize and embody this work.

So, if your goal is to be a future leader or coach, or enhance your current leadership skills, connect with us and give wings to your dreams.

Our certification program has been designed to help organizations achieve their goals by training their teams and encouraging them to participate in individual or group emotional intelligence leadership development, sharpen their skills, ensure improved communication, explore new problem-solving opportunities in the service of being an authentic leader. It all starts with 90 minute sessions that take place over three to six months. As you complete your work towards certification, we do our best to tailor our training to your organizational needs.

Why Star Factor Coaching?

We support leaders from all walks of life who look forward to embedding strong emotional intelligence skills to improve their organizations’ self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship skills in the service of maximizing performance levels. We aim to help you transform your organization by beginning with your authentic self. Our research-based learning methodology can help you with the following:

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development

Our programs help you explore your strengths and opportunities for improvement by reflecting with a coach on the results of various assessments to help bring out your best version of yourself. It enables you to improve your emotional intelligence leadership skills, taking your data into account.

Work-life balance

To ensure the best productivity at work, leaders should be well-versed with the most effective work-life balance practices. As work-related stress and pressure are common in all fields, leaders need a plan for balancing their personal and professional lives. Compassion for self is as important as compassion for others.

Improved outcomes

Good leaders work with their teams to ensure the best outcomes through envisioning the possibilities, setting achievable goals and putting them into action. This becomes possible with emotional intelligence starting with developing our self -awareness. Building practices such as mindfulness and meditation help to calm the mind and body and allow our inner selves to be nourished, as we bring our visions into reality.

Career Stability

With the Star Factor certification by their side, leaders and coaches can look forward to a stable career in their field of choice. Coaching skills will be an asset for any position that they might pursue. Having these tools will help to reduce stress that can lead to exhaustion and burnout.

All set to bring out your best self with a thoughtful training model? Connect with us to become a part of today’s leadership community. Lead with authenticity, confidence, and emotional intelligence to motivate yourself and your team to bring out their best versions. Let’s prepare for a better tomorrow together!